Pressure testing

Quartz watches are subject to regular battery replacements but do you also have regular pressure testing? Every time the case on a water resistant watch is opened we recommend that a pressure test is carried out, this pressure test will establish if the case is still water resistant so when replacing a battery we would always advise having a pressure test at the same time. Here we have detailed further what process we take when undergoing a battery replacement and pressure test and the machines we use to do so.

What is pressure testing and why do we do it?

We use specialist wet and dry testing equipment, these machines test the water resistance of the watch by way of either vacuum or pressure. We test each watch to the manufacturer’s water resistant specification. (See chart to decipher which activities your watch can withstand when water resistant to the manufacture standards.) Should the watch not pass the pressure test we can provide an estimate to reseal it back to the manufacturers specification.

Why choose Michlmayr for your battery replacement?

Our horologists are all skilled in changing batteries. They use finger cots and industry approved tweezers to carefully remove the existing battery, this is crucial to ensure no residue or marks are made to the watch. We will then replace the old battery with a brand new, high quality, Renata battery. We stock a wide variety of different sized watch batteries to ensure we can replace your watch battery while you wait.*

How often can you expect a watch battery to last?

Due to the age of the watch this can vary, a newer watch may only need a battery replacement every two years whilst an older watch may require more frequent replacements. Some watches are designed to advise when their battery is low by skipping several seconds at once. We are happy to offer replacement batteries and pressure testing to a wide variety of brands, specialising in Omega, Longines, Rado, Tissot and Tag Heuer.

Should your watch battery run flat, we do recommend having the defunct battery removed even if you do not wish to have a new battery fitted.

What will this cost and how do we book in?

Our battery replacement service is only £15 and a battery and pressure test is £45. Any additional problems we detect with your watch will be quoted separately and will always require your approval before we proceed. If you would like to book your watch in with us, give us a call on 01603 403687 or pop an email to Alternatively you can post your watch to us, see attached form to include with your package.

*Please note on the rare occasion we do not have your battery in stock we will ask you to leave the watch with us whilst we promptly order this in and replace it for you.

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