Caring For Your Watch

As with anything mechanical, internal watch parts can wear which can lead to performance reducing over time. We recommend regular watch servicing to ensure that your timepiece is working correctly and to the original specification. This is especially important if your timepiece has a water resistance or pressure resistance as this will need to be re-tested and maintained over time to ensure maximum performance.

You would take your car in for frequent servicing without question, so why not take the same level of care with your watch? Unlike a car your watch runs an impressive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year all while undergoing everyday wear and tear.

 Please note, if our watch servicing highlights the need for a repair, we will contact you first to discuss a quote before any work is undertaken. 

For more details on repairs and servicing by individual watch brand, visit our homepage.



  • Complete dismantling of the movement and case

  • Visual inspection and thorough inspection of all components

  • Cleaning of movement parts to remove oil and residue

  • Replacement of mainspring and repair of worn or damaged movement parts where necessary using genuine brand authorised parts and tools

  • Polishing of pivots, reassembly of movement, oiling of jewels and calibration of timing mechanism

  • Escapement and regulation checks

  • Replacement of crown, tube and glass where necessary

  • Replacement of all seals

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of case and bracelet

  • Watch reassembly

  • 72 hour test for timekeeping

  • Water-resistance test to factory specification


  • Swiss high quality quartz watch movements are serviced and repaired

  • Worn or defective internal components such as circuits or coils are renewed as necessary

  • The quartz movement in most modern fashion brand watches can be completely replaced if necessary

watch restoration


In order to give you an accurate estimate of the servicing cost, we will need to undertake an inspection of your watch.

We work with appointments during our opening hours so that we can focus on your watch individually. We will let you know the estimate and when we will be able to complete the service.

If you don’t live locally, you are also welcome to post the watch to us, at your own risk and expense.

Booking your watch refurbishment

We recommend regular watch servicing to keep your watch in the best condition possible. Contact a member of our team to book your watch in for a refurbishment. 

Booking your watch repair

We offer the highest quality mechanical and quartz wrist watch repairs as well as  exceptional quality of service to all of our customers. Book now for a discussion with one of our team.


We work in collaboration with Aurum Jewellers in Norwich who kindly serve as an alternative city centre drop off and collection point for all watch repairs. You can find Aurum Jewellers at 21 Bedford Street, Norwich, NR2 1AR.

Please inform us if you wish to drop off or pick up your timepiece at this location so that we can make Aurum aware and arrange it’s delivery to and from our workshop.

Aurumn Jewellers

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