Handle with Care

Replacing a watch battery is a relatively simple task, but it’s important to handle the process with care to avoid damaging your watch. You can easily damage the internal mechanism or scratch the case, which will change the aesthetic of the watch and reduce its value.

If your watch is water resistant it is crucial that a watch pressure test is completed every time the case is opened. Whether it is to replace the battery or carry out an inspection or repair. Water and moisture can cause costly or irreparable damage to your watch.

Have the peace of mind that a qualified watchmaker will get it done right.



  • Watch Battery Replacement: £15.00

  • Watch Battery & Pressure Test: £45.00

  • Resealing

  • 12 month battery guarantee

  • Battery replacement while you wait

  • New battery

Waterproof and watch pressure test


Our state of the art wet and dry testing equipment will pressure test all makes of watches.

We test dive watches and if we find that your watch has a leak we will provide a quotation to reseal it. On some occasions we may replace components such as the crown, pushers, glass and seals.

Any work that needs doing will be quoted for first ensuring that any watch repair service we offer is in line with your requirements.



If we find that your watch has stopped for reasons other than requiring a new battery we will ask if you would like us to supply you with a repair estimate to put the watch back into working order. To ensure that your watch keeps excellent time it is always best to have your timepiece regularly serviced.


We work in collaboration with Aurum Jewellers in Norwich who kindly serve as an alternative city centre drop off and collection point for all watch repairs. You can find Aurum Jewellers at 21 Bedford Street, Norwich, NR2 1AR.

Please inform us if you wish to drop off or pick up your timepiece at this location so that we can make Aurum aware and arrange it’s delivery to and from our workshop.

Aurumn Jewellers

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