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Wrist watch repairs

Warranty provided as per the manufacturer

Timepiece cleaning

Watch servicing & overhauls

Watch restoration

Accuracy and water resistant testing

A selection of Tag Heuer repairs
Tag Heuer watch repair

Expert Horologists

TAG Heuer watch servicing with Michlmayr & Co ensures that your timepiece is handled, cleaned and repaired by expert horologists to the highest standards. Bringing it a new lease of life.

Timekeeping Specialists

We will thoroughly test your timepiece to assure timekeeping accuracy and water resistance. TAG Heuer repair requires experience and high levels of skill to return your timepiece to its original specification. We have all the in-house skills to complete a full watch overhaul. 

Strong Affiliations

As a prestigious Swiss watch brand manufacturing high quality timepieces on a large scale. They have a strong affiliation boasting Lewis Hamilton, Aryton Senna and Juan Manuel to name a few! Simply book an appointment to get your watch back to working condition with a TAG Heuer watch repair at Michlmayr & Co today. 


We work in collaboration with Aurum Jewellers in Norwich who kindly serve as an alternative city centre drop off and collection point for all watch repairs. You can find Aurum Jewellers at 21 Bedford Street, Norwich, NR2 1AR.

Please inform us if you wish to drop off or pick up your timepiece at this location so that we can make Aurum aware and arrange it’s delivery to and from our workshop.

Aurumn Jewellers

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