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All customer meetings must be pre-booked. Please contact the office by phone or email to make an appointment before coming in.

Clock Repairs and Servicing

We deliver reliable repairs to domestic and exterior clocks to the highest standard. Our experienced team have worked on many bespoke and antique clocks to bring them back to their very best. Antique clock restoration can bring a new lease of life to an old timepiece, allowing you to treasure it for years to come.

Please note that during lockdown we cannot carry out clock repairs. We are collating a list of those of you who are enquiring about clock repairs, and will be in touch once we can welcome you back to the workshop to drop off your clocks.

Clock Repairs

Antique Clock Repairs

We overhaul, repair and restore almost every type of antique clock and barometer, and our antique clock repairs are all covered by a 12 month guarantee. We also offer modern clock repair, replacing quartz movements and restoring or refinishing tarnished cases.

An overhaul consists of complete dismantling, followed by filing and burnishing pivots, re-bushing pivot holes, filing and polishing pallet faces and levers if necessary, cleaning, followed by re-assembly, lubricating, bench testing and regulating.

Before any work is carried out your clock will need to be carefully and thoroughly inspected so that we can supply you with an estimate for the necessary work. If you have a modern or antique clock restoration which you would like us to look at, call us today on 01603 403 687 and we will be happy to help.

We offer:

  • Antique clock repairs
  • Modern clock repairs
  • Conservation grade clock restoration
  • Overhauls/servicing
  • Replacing quartz movements
  • Case repairs and restorations
  • Dial restorations
  • Clock valuations

If you have a clock which is easily transportable then please bring it in to us. If you have a larger clock or cannot bring it in to us we offer a county-wide collection and delivery service. The cost will depend on the distance we will need to travel. Just get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how to proceed.

External Clock Repairs

Extensive experience in repair & restoration of mechanical & electronic clocks has allowed us to work on prestigious projects throughout the country. There are many beautiful outdoor clocks which have fallen into disrepair and it can be a daunting proposition to keep these older clocks running.

We can restore any clock to its original condition and use the latest techniques to bring them to reliable running order.

We offer:

  • Full overhauls
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Electric winding for mechanical clocks
  • Night silencing
  • Master clock synchronisation
  • Power failure time correction
  • Restoration of weather vanes

Our clockmakers are fully trained in rope access techniques, allowing access by abseiling and removing the need for costly scaffolding.

Clock restoration at the Norwich City Hall

Local clocks maintained by us include:

  • Norwich City Hall
  • Great Yarmouth Town Hall
  • Lowestoft Town Hall
  • Norwich Union Clock
  • Norwich Train Station
  • Norwich Guildhall
  • Gurney Clock, formerly in Castle Mall Norwich
  • Beccles Tower Clock
  • The Pavillion, Norwich
  • The Great Hospital

We also service a vast number of church tower clocks around the county.