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We deliver reliable repairs to domestic and exterior clocks to the highest standard. Our experienced team have worked on many bespoke and antique clocks to bring them back to their very best. Antique clock restoration can bring a new lease of life to an old timepiece, allowing you to treasure it for years to come.

  • Antique clock repairs

  • Modern clock repairs

  • Conservation grade clock restoration

  • Overhauls/servicing

  • Replacing quartz movements

  • Case repairs and restorations

  • Dial restorations

  • Clock valuations

clock repairs

Recognising Sentiment

Antique clocks are usually sentimental items and we recognise that. We will discuss with you directly how you would like your clock restored to maintain its sentimental value. Contact us for more information today.

County-wide Collection

We service clocks of any size and we offer county-wide collection to those who cannot send or bring their clock to us directly. Get in touch with us and we will discuss with you how to proceed.

Clock Servicing

We are experienced in servicing a range of clocks over the 30 + years we have been established. Simply contact us and we can recommend the best service for your clock.


We work in collaboration with Aurum Jewellers in Norwich who kindly serve as an alternative city centre drop off and collection point for all watch repairs. You can find Aurum Jewellers at 21 Bedford Street, Norwich, NR2 1AR.

Please inform us if you wish to drop off or pick up your timepiece at this location so that we can make Aurum aware and arrange it’s delivery to and from our workshop.

Aurumn Jewellers

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