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Watches and Wonders is one of the most significant events in the world of haute horology and this year, renowned watchmaker Simon Michlmayr headed to Switzerland to showcase his co-owned watch brand, Garrick.

We chatted to Simon about Garrick Watchmakers and why ‘Britishness’ is at the very core of this timepiece.

Tell us a little bit about Garrick Watchmakers

In 2016, myself and David Brailsford wanted to create fine timepieces with a distinctly British character. We produce a limited batch of 50 watches a year, every watch is handmade and we supply all over the world.

From the outset, we wanted to make all the watch components internally and over the years we have done just that. For example, dials, hands and a multitude of movement parts are all made in our workshop in Norfolk.

What makes a Garrick watch so special?

Because it’s made by a human and not a machine. Every watch is unique and infused with flawless finishing, from the hand-bevelled bridges to circular graining and chatons. Moreover, bridges and other miniscule components can be frosted, grained or mirror-polished, depending on the customer’s wishes.

One of the most unique things about our watch design is that we use a free-sprung balance which enhances precision and stability. The reason so few brands equip their watches with a free-sprung balance is that it takes more time for the watchmaker to regulate the movement. Nevertheless, we feel the superior performance of a free-sprung balance justifies the additional effort.

Who would wear a Garrick?

Garrick watches appeal to the purists and those who really know and understand their horology. Production is small scale but this makes our watches exclusive and that appeals to the desires of a British Gentleman.

We also offer a fully bespoke service where clients can specifying design details to further individualise their watch. Imagine wearing a watch that nobody else in the world will own!

How was Watches & Wonders 2024?

If truth be told, we didn’t actually attend the event. We used it as an opportunity to promote our watches and meet with potential customers at a beautiful lakeside venue on the outskirts of the main event.

Watches and Wonders is one of the most significant events in the world of haute horology, showcasing the latest innovations, designs, and trends in the watchmaking industry. It also tends to be the place where top luxury watch brands unveil their newest timepieces to collectors, enthusiasts, and the press.

As such, it’s very busy and because of our size and concept, we decided to take a more personal approach and showcase our brand by appointment only. We wanted quality time in a relaxed environment to chat through our design with customers, collectors and clubs from all over the globe. For example, a collectors group from Dubai ordered a small batch for their members with each watch having a unique engraving to differentiate them from each other.

Why the name Garrick?

We wanted a name that embodied ‘Britishness’ and Garrick comes from the private members club in London. The Garrick Club was founded in 1831 and reflects a specific era of Britishness – understated class, quality and refinement. It’s these positive elements that we wanted to capture in our watches.

How much does a Garrick cost?

Our current range is from £6000 up to £33,000. However, bespoke designs will be priced individually

To find out more about Garrick, their unique watchmaking and to see the full range, visit –

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